Here’s a whole bunch of recordings we have done here at Debasement.. almost all of them were entirely recorded, mixed and mastered here.

Rock, pop, soul recordings

The Crookeds – The Night,
was tracked and mixed by Shaun Fuller


 Cisco Caesar – Heartbreak Heartattack, drums, tracking, mixing, mastering, all done by JT


 Dice – It’s All About You, produced, tracked mixed and mastered by JT


 Cold Harbour – Jawbone, also produced, tracked mixed and mastered by JT

Heavier recordings

 Concussion (Clean Cut Society) – recorded, produced mixed and mastered by Shaun Fuller


“Fade” – This one was written, produced, tracked and mixed by Alec Bathman (he isn’t in the country to record you, but he can mix like this for you!)


“As the Wanderer Follows the Light” = Produced & mixed by Dan Swan


 Oscar Mike – Falling Down, JT did all of the work on this one (and some of the guitars too)!


 Newborn – The Game, tracked and mixed by JT, mastered at Deluxe Mastering

Acoustic & lighter recordings

 Girl (Enlight) – made magic by Shaun Fuller


Low Rent with the song Grace Radio, written and produced by Dan Swan



 Holle Torrens’ track Eyes Desires, written and tracked by Holle, produced by JZ and mixed by JT.


 David Knight, with his track Moving On was tracked, mixed and mastered by JT

Hip hop vocal recordings

Krown – Respect (vocals, mix and mastering done here at Debasement by Shaun Fuller)


Mr M – Slow Your Roll (vocals, mix and mastering done here at Debasement by Shaun Fuller)

Debasement recordings U87

Want just mixing or mastering?

No problem, all of us are happy to mix or master your tracks to whatever level you need, we’ll never be precious or criticise what you bring or where it came from, it’s all about making the music sound good, and we love doing that.

 The Crookeds –  Devious, mastered by JT


 Two Headed Dog – Mixed & mastered by JT

Recorded here, mixed elsewhere

We are also happy to just track for you, cause sometimes you just need the studio for drums, or that serious vocal mic! Then you can take it home and mix it yourself, or whatever else you want to do.

 The April Maze – Devil’s Here To Stay


 Raised By Wolves – New Dawn